• Olivia Hannah

The Four Steps Of Manifestation

Allow me to introduce you to the four steps of manifestation. Write these down. 📝

As I mentioned in my previous post, manifesting goes beyond just really really wanting something. Your desires, beliefs, and actions all need to be in alignment.

STEP 1: You gotta get crystal clear on what you want. “I want a better job” isn’t gonna cut it. Exactly how much money do you want to be making? How do you want to feel at this job? Where do you want this job to be located? What kind of hours do you want to work? If you don’t get clear on these details, the Universe is gonna have a harder time delivering. The clearer you are, the better.

STEP 2: Get that shit out into the Universe. Write it down, meditate on it, visualize it, dream about it. Imprint every detail of that desire into your brain and do it from a place of gratitude. Visualization and gratitude are two very powerful tools when it comes to manifesting. When you can illicit the feelings of already having that which you desire, your subconscious has the tools it needs to bring it into your physical reality.

STEP 3: Do the inner work. What limiting beliefs are preventing you from feeling worthy of manifesting these desires? This step is the hardest and takes a level of honesty with yourself that not a lot of people are ready for. What shadows need to come to the surface? What feelings have you been suppressing that need healing? Until we address these mental blocks, your manifestation potential will be very limited.

STEP 4: An important, but often underestimated step. TAKE ACTION. Sure, manifestation is a mental game, but your actions must align with your desires. This means taking action when you feel inspired. This could be as simple as reaching out to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while or taking a walk. The Universe will give you these inspired thoughts, but it’s up to you to take action.

Once you master these four steps, you’ll be a manifesting machine in no time.

If this post was helpful, save it, share it, and keep an eye out for my next one all about why you’re NOT manifesting and how to change that.

Now go manifest, you powerful creature you. 🤗

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