• Olivia Hannah

There's A Right Time and A Wrong Time To Manifest

Wait whaaaat? It actually matters WHEN we try to manifest?

You bet your sweet ass it does.

Are you taking the steps to manifest in times of desperation and fear (low vibe emotions) or in times of joy and gratitude (high vibe emotions)?

It matters.

In order to attract these high vibe desires, you need to be in a high vibe state. You cannot expect to attract love, money, and happiness if you are not feeling loved, abundant, or happy. The energy behind your manifestation process is everything.

You attract that which you are.

This means that not every moment is a good moment to manifest. It’s very important to honor your current energy. Some days you just need to surrender to your feels and rest. Those are not the days you want to be manifesting.

The best time to manifest is when you are feeling on top of the world.

What sparks joy in you? When do you feel your best? At what moment does your soul feel on fucking fire? Those are the moments you want to put your desires out into the Universe. Write them down, visualize them, meditate on them, be grateful for them.

The higher our vibrational frequency, the more connected we are to source energy. Whether you believe in God, spirit, angels, the Universe, or science, everything is made up of energetic matter that vibrates at a frequency.

When we are feeling fucking amazing, we are vibrating at a more powerful frequency, connecting us closer to that of the Universe. This is when we have a greater advantage to manifest what we want.

So take care of your energy and watch how the Universe will support you.

Love and appreciate you alllllll! Have a beautiful day ☀️

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