• Olivia Hannah

Why You're NOT Manifesting :(

Whether you’re new to this manifestation thing or a seasoned veteran, there are many different factors that play into why you are not manifesting your desires.

Your ability to manifest primarily comes down to your BELIEFS. Wanting something is a lot different than truly feeling worthy of it.

Until you believe without a shadow of a doubt that you are worthy of receiving that which you desire, it will always be just out of reach. This is the time to make healing a priority.

What wounds need to be reopened so that you can release old ways of thinking and heal yourself? What limiting beliefs do you have around the thing you are trying to manifest? Is your desire coming from an authentic place of love and gratitude or from a place of disparity and lack?

You might think that a relationship will solve your problems and make you happier, but subconsciously you don’t feel worthy of love. That subconscious belief is blocking you from manifesting the relationship of your dreams and until you deal with the shit that’s buried deep down, you’ll find yourself in these repeating patterns.

Our desires are changing constantly, also. Remember when you THOUGHT you wanted to get bangs and then you got bangs and you realized you did not, in fact, want bangs? Sometimes the things we think we want are not actually for our greatest good, which is why they don’t manifest.

So when you start to get frustrated or lose hope, remember there are reasons outside of your awareness in play. Your job is to get clear on what you want, do the inner work, take inspired action, and then let go of the outcome.

Trust that everything is happening exactly how and when it is meant to, and be grateful for the journey.

Also, if you have specific questions around your own manifestation journey, contact me and I’d be thrilled to help you gain some clarity.

All the love,


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