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heather, 34

"I think the best aspect of Olivia's training is that she's shown me it's OK to struggle and there's nothing wrong with having fun and laughing while working. Her nutritional guidance has also been a tremendous help, especially for someone like me who eats a plant-based diet."

stephanie, 28

"She pushed me to meet and exceed goals I never thought I would. Working with Olivia not only became my stress escape, but my happy place. I found my training made me more confident in every aspect of my life."

arnold, 27

"Olivia has been a huge help in reaching my goals. Her passion for health and wellness as a process has developed my understanding of how mindfulness, diet, and exercise all contribute to an overall lifestyle improvement. She is a pleasure to work with and makes every session an enjoyable experience."

bethanie, 29

"Working with Olivia helped me realize that I was, in fact, capable of so many things I'd previously doubted within myself. I left each session feeling stronger, both mentally and physically. I had a mentality like 'Well, I didn't think I could do that, and I did, so why not try this too?' I gained newfound confidence in so many parts of my daily life."

dr. katie miles, 28

"Olivia and I go back a long way. Not only is she an authentic and sincere friend; but she has a passion for the work she is doing! She gets to know each client personally to better understand their goals. With a focus on being the 'healthiest version of you' both physically and mentally; I couldn't recommend her more!"

shane, 38

"Last summer I was at a point in my life where I was making a lot of unhealthy choices out of habit and it had been that way for over ten years. I decided I was tired of that lifestyle and that's when I hired Olivia. While she helped me eat better and create an exercise plan, the bigger adjustment she helped me make was to believe in myself. Olivia has a great balance of being encouraging while also holding you accountable. It worked for me - I lost 30lbs and started believing in myself again."

gabby, 26

"Olivia is the most genuine and encouraging coach you could ever ask for! Both in and out of our sessions she happily shares her insights about wellness. I've learned to view personal development as a priority, not just in terms of fitness, but for my overall well-being. Thanks Olivia, I've gained a wellness guru and a friend!"

amber, 28

"Olivia is very dedicated to her clients! She listens to your goals and helps you come up with obtainable ways to reach them. I am so grateful to work with her. She becomes just like family in no time!"

maddie, 22

"Olivia was so wonderful helping me find my motivation and inner strength. She always took the time to check in on my off days and helped me come up with a diet plan as well."

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